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Miroku x Sango Fiction & Art

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Miroku x Sango: Fic & Art Recommendation Archive
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Looking for a few good Mir/San recs? Look no further!

Welcome to the Mir/San Fic & Art Archive at LJ. This community is intended to serve as a resource for fans of the Miroku/Sango pairing from Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha universe. Here you will find links to award-winning fic, art, and icons, as well as an ongoing list of current works-in-progress to serve your viewing pleasure.

You are welcome to recommend others' work on a fic by fic (or art by art, or icon by icon) basis, or you can gush about the entire body of a person's work. :)

You are encouraged to post your own work here as well, whether it is an original tale, was written/drawn for a contest community, or is the response to a challenge or prompt table. All lengths, sizes, and ratings are welcome!

Please follow these rules when posting to this community. They are relatively simple, and only designed to keep this place organized :)

1. THIS IS A MIROKU & SANGO CENTRIC COMMUNITY. Please only post those works which revolve around the Mir/San pairing, or focus more than 50% of the storyline (or art) on them. This is not a place to post your Inu/Kag or Sess/Kag fics if Miroku & Sango are merely background players. We want to highlight those pieces which focus on this oft-maligned pair, and hope that this community can be used as a basic "recommendations" list when looking for pieces to nominate for fandom-wide awards.


Here is an example of the basic header format used in this community. It has been tweaked slightly, depending on if you want to recommend a work or post your own. **Please make sure you utilize the subject line as well!**

Subject line: [Title] by [Artist/Author]

Link (or LJ-cut):

Optional: genre, universe, secondary pairings, awards won


3. USE AN LJ-CUT. You are free to post your pictures, icons, graphics, banners, fic, etc to this community for easy viewing access, but please place any and all under an LJ cut, no matter what the size/length. Don't know how to format the LJ cut? Click here. [NOTE: IF YOU POST MATURE CONTENT HERE, UNDER AN LJ CUT, YOU MUST F-LOCK THE POST!]

4. TAGGING IS NOT NECESSARY. The moderators will tag the posts accordingly, to keep the number of tags to a minimum and to make sorting the categories easier.

Looking for the original Mir/San manga chapters? Or maybe the anime episodes which feature them? Look no further! We have your canon needs covered - and beyond. Everything you need to know about the characters is here, to help jump-start your fiction or art.

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